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Brora Cashmere clothing for men, women, children and babies, luxury Scottish Cashmere for all the family browse the Islington shop, London N1 1RQ, or buy online.

Brora - Cashmere for women, men & children, Islington, London N1 1RQ, UK



186 Upper Street
London N1 1RQ


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Brora Cashmere - A chic Scottish brand specialising in exquisite cashmere designs.

New! - Brora has branched out and the range now includes vintage prints, chiffon silks, textured linens and soft jersey cottons. The core cashmere comes in twenty stylish colours and plenty of styles for all the family including jumpers, cardigans, t-shirts, hoodies and waistcoats.

Brora for women includes wrap tops and jackets and for summer there are delightful blouses, skirts and beachwear including Slip On Gym Keds.

For men, there are Brora shirts, trousers and accessories including mens Slip On Gym Shoes.

Also available - cashmere for babies and children

Brora has a full range of children’s clothing including tank tops, skirts, trousers, dresses and shoes for boys and girls. Brora Baby Clothes include leggings, baby dresses, baby gro, mittens, hats, bootees, blankets, teddies and gifts for babies.

For further enquiries contact the Store Manager of the Islington branch

Opening hours
Mon - Sat 10.00 - 18.00
Sun 12.00 - 17.00

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